You have a project. Your owner is looking for a budget and a schedule. Now what? Who do you call? With most erection companies you would be waiting on a return phone call as the fabricator communicates with their erector, or they just give you information you can’t rely on. Not with CSE! We are the only full-service Structural Steel Contractor in the area, offering both fabricating and erecting.

At CSE you are immediately paired  directly with an experienced estimator/project manager to answer all your questions accurately and intelligently in a timely manner. Project Managers and a superintendent get involved  with your project early on to put together accurate sequencing and schedules. Our competition brings in an erector later—based on price—rather than choosing who’s best. We take that decision right off the table because we have an industry-leading erector team already involved in your project—right from the start.

On the job site, a CSE foreman will coordinate production and delivery of steel with our fabricating facility. By controlling the flow of material, we are able to reduce the lay down area, making your site easier to manage. Things that make fabricating more efficient don’t necessarily make erecting more efficient and vice versa. Having someone on your project who can speak to both fabricating and erecting efficiencies proves invaluable.

At CSE we’re an AISC Certified Erectorwith over 40 years of experience so you can trust that no matter how small or large your steel project is, CSE has the expertise and quality to make your project a success. You won’t encounter any unpleasant surprises—your building will be erected on time and on—or under—budget.