Marquette University Commons Metal Wall Panels Installed by CSE

CLIENT: Marquette University Commons

PROJECT TYPE: Metal Wall Panels



The Commons, Marquette’s new 292,000 square foot student residence is a concrete structure with a combination of brick, metal wall panels and windows. The usage of 33,000 square feet of composite metal panels in the design proved to be very complex and required a high-level contractor. CSE was awarded the project due to our expertise working in a collaborative environment in designing and detailing of panels. CSE’s experience ensured proper detailing for quality and speed to ensure a successful timeline and move in for incoming students in the fall of 2018.
“I am pleased to recommend CSE for any future metal panel project, as I experienced a successful partnership on The Commons at Marquette University. Their early involvement and design guidance helped ensure the project’s scope was designed to meet the strict schedule deadline, remain on budget, and guarantee the client’s needs were met. I look forward to continuing our partnership on future projects.” ~Mike Stern, Senior Project Manager, J.H. Findorff & Son Inc.